Rough Terrain Mobile Cranes

Rough terrain mobile cranes, also called off-road cranes, are mounted on a four-wheeled undercarriage. Both the wheels and the base are wider to boost the crane’s stability, and the wheels are taller to increase ground clearance over rugged terrain.

Rough terrain cranes come with a telescoping boom and outriggers to stabilize and support safe lifts. They are lighter than all-terrain cranes due to two factors: rough-terrain cranes are operated and driven from the same, small cab, and they only have one engine which powers both the boom and the undercarriage.

Their four-wheel drive and power steering allow for easy maneuverability over the uneven ground of construction sites with unpacked soil, even within tighter spaces. However, rough-terrain cranes are unable to travel at speed on public roads, meaning they need to be transported to job sites.

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